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Research shows that in more than 90% of sales, buyers were influenced by multiple brand exposures rather than responding to a single ad in any medium. In other words, customers need to see your brand numerous times and in numerous places before making their decision to come to you.
So, between being heard on this show and being seen on social media as well as the station website will insure your brand is everywhere.

Further studies indicate that consumers won't act upon that which they see, hear or read for as many as 7 to 12 to even 15 times of seeing, hearing, or reading your message. That can generally equate to as much as 3 to 4 months before a customer will actually respond to your message.
Repetition is the key to any successful marketing campaign. The importance of consistent visibility cannot be over emphasized, especially in a market where everyone is fighting to get to the "Head of the class".

  • Radio is a universal medium enjoyed by people at one time or another during the day, at home, at work, and even in the car.
  • The vast array of radio program formats offers to efficiently target your advertising dollars to narrowly defined segments of consumers most likely to respond to your offer.
  • Gives your business personality through the creation of campaigns using sounds and voices
  • Free creative help is often available
  • Rates can generally be considerably less than other mediums.
  • During the past ten years, radio rates have seen less inflation than those for other media
  • During "Specialty" programs, your message reaches a targeted audience.


RADIOTRADER is currently looking for a home.
Stay Tuned for more information.


RadioTrader w/BobV

Every Saturday morning from 10 to 11 am.

Whatever you have... on the air... absolutely FREE!
You can call in your items to the studio during the show, or 
if you're a bit on
the shy side, feel free to email me your items to 
and I'll read them on the air.
What kind of items can you sell on RadioTrader?
  • Cars, boats, motorcycles, airplanes
  • Furniture
  • Art
  • Clothing
  • Homes (For sale by owner only)
  • Homes for rent (by owner only)
  • Pretty much anything you can think of...
  • ...but no Mother in Laws (Nope, sorry. Just can't do it)
Are you having a Garage sale? Go ahead, call me on the air and tell everyone where your sale is.

Join me every Saturday morning from 10 to 11 

RadioTrader & RadioTrader w/BobV are registered Trademarks

Become a Sponsor on one of the most popular shows on radio…

 RadioTrader w/BobV

and get all this…

  • :30 or :60 second professionally produced commercial airing every Saturday morning during RadioTrader.
  • WHY IT WORKS…Your ad is actually being listened to with a captive audience that’s listening to every classified that is being offered on the show. So when your spot comes on, listeners hear it!
  • Prominent sponsor ID space on the station website as well as here on my own.

These rates that are among the lowest in this medium...

Rates to be determined depending on the station the show ends up on.

 13 week min. contract. Cancellation notice required 30 days prior to cancellation date.
15% discount on 26 week prepaid contract. All payments are due by the first of each month.
5% late fee applies after the 5th of the month and may result in ad being removed from rotation.
All ads run between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Saturday mornings only unless otherwise noted.


Contact Information

Yes! I want to be a sponsor on RadioTrader. 
Please contact me as soon as possible.
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