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The sound was horrifying. It was over in an instant. Everything seemed to go in slow motion from the moment Jason saw the heel of Andy’s shoe disappear into the mouth of the chipper. There was blood. So much of it and tiny fragments of bone, flesh and muscle spewed out into the air. Most all of the remains landed on the canvas tarp spread out on the lawn before him as the motor choked to a standstill. 
Everything suddenly seemed eerily quiet. He wasn’t sure if he was in shock or what, but he carefully folded up the tarp and it’s grotesque contents within and pulled it into the garage.

Born and raised in the state of New York, R.M. Villoria began his writing career as a prolific songwriter. After two back-to-back tours as a Marine in Vietnam, Villoria spent the next few years owning and operating a myriad of businesses and in 1992 returned to writing, this time appeasing his appetite for suspense and horror fiction.
Years in the making, his ghostly tales touching on the underpinnings of quantum physics and the paranormal are now ready for the public. As his first published work, Villoria presents readers with Volume One of his series “Tales From the Mind Field.”
Villoria has a son and daughter and lives in Las Vegas with his Wife.

-Excerpt from "The Agent" in the collection Tales from the Mind Field. Vol. One

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