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Tales from the Mind Field
A collection of Short Stories 

Just published (Jan 1, 2015) the first in the series
"Tales from the Mind Field" Volume One.
A collection of short stories
guaranteed to satisfy pretty much every audience. 

What you'll find in Volume One...
  • Shadows  - is the horror story of the century certain to have you leaving the lights on...

    As the crow flies, you can reach it in forty five minutes to an hour from Reno, but driving the winding mountain roads up to Glenridge Academy nestled high in the Sierras usually takes the better part of two hours. You know you’re there when you come around Spirit Rock. So named for the old Indian legend regarding the ancestors of the original native American dwellers that are buried around there. As you look down to your right about 600 feet below, you can see the little campus almost hidden amongst the pines. From here it still takes you a good fifteen minutes to descend down the narrow roadway and through the massive wrought iron gates to the main building. As you pull up in front you can’t help but stare for a moment at the enormity of this old brick structure. It was built back in the late 1800’s by a group of Virginia City silver miners as a vault of sorts because of it’s impenetrable walls.
    Later abandoned, it and the grounds on which it stands were purchased by a wealthy Pennsylvania family with four daughters. Wanting only the best in education for his children, the patriarch of the family started an all girls academy and as it grew in size, it’s reputation did as well. Soon well-heeled families from all over the country were sending their daughters here to the mountains for their education. It began as simply an elementary school, but as his daughters grew so did the academy until it included high school and several more buildings. Dormitories were constructed to house the many out of the area students. For many years the Glenridge Academy came under pressure to become a co-ed institution, however the descendants of the original founder held fast to his desires that it remain an all girls’ school. Finally in 1978, the Board of Directors were forced to put the growing requests to a vote. Unanimously, Glenridge Academy became a co-educational institution and grew even greater in reputation and size. Every year or so it seemed that there was something new being added to the campus. Sports fields, new a building for laboratories and classrooms, tennis courts, the campus was a shining example of higher academe. And now in 1990, the main building, a rambling brick edifice over 100 years old was finally being restored to its original condition and listed among the states historical buildings. And with this milestone came something more horrifying than anyone could have ever imagined…

  • Dead End - For all you paranormal freaks out there, this one will have you asking questions...

    I’m not sure exactly what it was that woke me that night, the thunder, the sound of the rain on the roof, or the wind as it brushed the limbs across the eave of the patio, but as I lay there in a half sleep half awake state, I felt myself get up and walk over to my dresser. I picked up a pen that I usually had there and wrote something down on the opened envelope lying there in the dim light. I turned and shuffled back over to the bed and lay back down. When I awoke the next morning, I knew I had gotten up for something during the night but I couldn't remember what it was for. I rose and looked out the window. The storm had passed and the skies were clearing. It was going to be a nice day I thought. I turned and shuffled off to the bathroom to get ready for work. Can’t wait for Saturday I thought as I turned the shower knobs. When I finished dressing I walked over to my dresser to grab my watch and wallet. It was only then that I noticed the folded empty envelope with the writing on it. I remembered now. I had gotten up during the night and come over here to write something down. What was it though? I picked up the paper and read it. 4766 Dillard Rd. Weird I thought. Why would I write down an address? I had never heard of it before? I didn't remember dreaming anything about an address. I glanced at my watch and saw that I was already behind schedule. Tossing the envelope back down on the dresser, I thought, I'll have to grab some coffee on the way in. I hurried out the front door to work.

  • Going Home - A truly psychological suspense story following one womans journey back to hell...

    Still falling, Emma reached for anything to grab hold of but her hand kept slipping off everything she passed. The pain as her knuckles smashed against the obstacles in the dark seemed to rip her will to fight back more and more as she descended further and further into this abominable abyss. Her screams seemed silent, yet she knew she was screaming at the top of her lungs. Why couldn't anybody hear her? Why didn't anybody try to help? She kept falling. She knew she would impact soon and it would be all over.

    GOOD MORNING Glenhaven, this is your 6 am wake up call. The suns shining and you're gonna be late for work if you don’t get those lazy bones outa bed and head for the shower. Here’s a tune from the 70’s that ought to get you moving…. 

    …Emma’s eyes opened wide with a start. She’d been dreaming again, this time seemed so much more real than the last several times. In fact over the last several months she thought, they seemed to be escalating in detail more and more. The sheets beneath her were damp with perspiration. Why was she having these nightmares over and over. They began in her teenage years and as the years progressed they became more frequent and more vivid. Old houses, stores, streets she had never seen before and people with blank faces. It all seemed so real as though she had been there once. Yet, that was impossible since she had lived here in Glenhaven all of her life since early childhood when her parents moved here from New York. Her earliest memories were only of this small quaint town here in Connecticut. The places in her dreams however were definitely not of this town.

  • Long Distance Love - An eerie love story spanning time and space....

    It was early spring of 1976 and all the things you hope for in a new season were taking place. Gardens were starting to bloom. People who had been kept mostly inside because of the weather were now out and about. Fishing poles and tackle were starting to show up on the shelves of old man Thompson’s Hardware store and I had taken up my usual place in front of that store on the porch relaxing in my favorite wicker rocker that had weathered some twelve years or so.Now I've seen a lot of strange things from my vantage point over the years but I guess I’d have to say that when the summer of 76’ rolled around, I along with a lot of other folks here in Toreville witnessed a real different kind of sweet, but strange happening.I guess it all began one afternoon when that old burgundy 47’ Plymouth drove past and turned down Main St. and parked in front of Ms.Gilton’s boarding house. Pretty little coupe she was. Obviously someone had put a lot of love into this restoration. Though the tires weren't original, from every angle it appeared as if it had just come off the showroom floor that very day. 

  • The Agent - As though pulled right from the files of "Tales of the Crypt", this story of immediate vengeance will have you laughing as you lock all the doors.... 

    Jason Edwards had always wanted to be a successful artist. As far back as he could ever remember he had always wanted to paint and show people his work. When he was just a child his admiring parents would always have a half a dozen of his “works” either on the refrigerator or taped up somewhere in the house. This validation of his early work only helped to embolden his wishes to not just be a talented artist but an outrageously successful one with a huge following and oodles of money that of course he imagined simply went along with that. But alas as the years went by, poor Jason just couldn’t seem to put anything down on canvas that anyone wanted to look at much less pay real money for. Jason had even gotten himself an agent some years back. They had met at a coffee shop in midtown Manhattan and upon exchanging stories about what each one did, had agreed to a relationship. He wasn’t a nationally renowned agent by any stretch of the imagination, however he had promised to show Jason’s work wherever he could get him in that might gain Jason some recognition within the artistic community as well as in the public eye. Year after year passed with closed shows and not so very nice reviews. 
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Here's my story, and I'm sticking to it!...

Hi there. I'm Bob Villoria. Many of you have known me as a business owner, Personal & Business Development Coach, Social Media Publicist and radio DJ over the past 45+ years. Although I'm going kicking and screaming into retirement, I guess I have to accept it. Not that I really want to mind you but circumstances dictate that I do.
Back in 1992, I was living in Lake Tahoe with my family having left L.A. 2 years earlier and was doing some consulting at the time. I was laying in bed one night when I heard in the woods across from where we lived, the sound of coyotes howling. I thought it was so cool but more importantly it seemed to open a flood gate of story ideas and so I sat down and over the next six months cranked out two novels and accompanying screenplays. I literally couldn't stop the story lines from coming and I had to write down brief synopsis for all the future stories I would write. I didn't do anything with them at the time as "Life" has a tendency to go on while we're busy making other plans. Fortunately I had already gotten some very credible validation for my works and it inspired me to say to myself, "I'll get back to this soon"
Raising children, remodeling our new home, taking care of parents who we moved in with us, working in radio, moving to Las Vegas, opening a new business, selling that business, moving back up to the Tahoe area, starting yet two more businesses and working in radio again took me all the way to 2013 when we moved back to Las Vegas once again. I've finally gotten back to my writing. Wasn't sure if it would "flow" like before but sure enough, here we go again and I'm loving it!

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