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Tales from the Mind Field
A collection of Short Stories 

Just published (Jan 1, 2015) the first in the series "Tales from the Mind Field" Volume One. A collection of short stories guaranteed to satisfy pretty much every audience. 

What you'll find in Volume One...
  • Shadows  - is the horror story of the century certain to have you leaving the lights on.
  • Dead End - For all you paranormal freaks out there, this one will have you asking questions.
  • Going Home - A truly psychological suspense story following one womans journey back to hell.
  • Long Distance Love - An eerie love story spanning time and space.
  • The Agent - As though pulled right from the files of Tales of the Crypt, this story of sudden vengeance will have you laughing as you lock all the doors.
I'm taking orders now for Volume One right here on my website. Only $14.95 (free shipping)

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Here's my story, and I'm sticking to it!...

Hi there. I'm Bob Villoria. Many of you have known me as a business owner, Personal & Business Development Coach, Social Media Publicist and radio DJ over the past 45+ years. Although I'm going kicking and screaming into retirement, I guess I have to accept it. Not that I really want to mind you but circumstances dictate that I do.
Back in 1992, I was living in Lake Tahoe with my family having left L.A. 2 years earlier and was doing some consulting at the time. I was laying in bed one night when I heard in the woods across from where we lived, the sound of coyotes howling. I thought it was so cool but more importantly it seemed to open a flood gate of story ideas and so I sat down and over the next six months cranked out two novels and accompanying screenplays. I literally couldn't stop the story lines from coming and I had to write down brief synopsis for all the future stories I would write. I didn't do anything with them at the time as "Life" has a tendency to go on while we're busy making other plans. Fortunately I had already gotten some very credible validation for my works and it inspired me to say to myself, "I'll get back to this soon"
Raising children, remodeling our new home, taking care of parents who we moved in with us, working in radio, moving to Las Vegas, opening a new business, selling that business, moving back up to the Tahoe area, starting yet two more businesses and working in radio again took me all the way to 2013 when due to my wife's health, we moved back to Las Vegas once again. I've finally gotten back to my writing. Wasn't sure if it would "flow" like before but sure enough, here we go again and I'm loving it!

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